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Nippon Columbia Co.,Ltd. / Nipponophone


In 2008, formed in Kichijoji Benten-dori centering TAMAYA 2060% (Vo/Gt). In 2015, after two members changed, TAMAYA 2060% (Vo/Gt), ASAMISAE (Vo/Key/Sampler), ∴560∵ (Ba/Cho), and KOZO (Dr) are now in place. 
A galactic, punk band with unpredictable, bizarre and catchy melodies, friendly, intertwined twin vocals and unique music, which shockingly rocks all the joy, anger and sorrow. They attract anyone from children to adults
On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the first album "BURST POP ISLAND" was released from Nippon Columbia. From June 12, the band started their nationwide tour with the album "BURST POP ISLAND TOUR 2020".