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Announcing the first lineup of business seminars and live music showcase
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We are happy to announce the outline of the business seminars and the live music showcase lineup of the 18th Tokyo International Music Market (18thTIMM) / TIMM ONLINE.

Business seminars will be held in a webinar format with domestic and international speakers extracting hot topics from the music industry in Japan and overseas, such as "NFT" and "latest overseas business trends".

TIMM Showcase Live has been well received every year as a place to showcase the live music performances of artists with desire to reach overseas buyers, curators and other professionals in the music industry.

This year as well as last year, the live music showcase will be delivered in a non-audience, online streaming fashion in consideration of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The live stream will be made available free to view worldwide on "TIMM ONLINE" and on YouTube. Not only music industry professionals participating in "TIMM ONLINE" but also music fans from all over the world will be able to enjoy the live music performances, so please look forward to it!

This is the initial announcement of the event and further details of the business seminar and the live performers will be announced at a later a date.

Music and entertainment industry professionals are welcome to register online to view TIMM's business seminars and live music showcase. The seminars and showcases will be archived and made available for view during the archived period.

Currently, TIMM ONLINE is offering free visitor registrations for industry professional and press;

Please don't miss this opportunity to watch the seminars and live music performances.

We look forward to your registration.

<18th TIMM/TIMMONLINE Business Seminar(The first announcement)>

[Theme.1]  How to expand music business with NFT

Will The NFT distributions and technologies bring the new opportunity to improve the music business for musicians, creators, record labels? Based on the latest cases of the NFT business, leading experts will talk about the current situation and future possibilities in Japan.


Takayuki Suzuki / President, ParadeALL

Akihisa Ishida / CEO, NFT ART&ASSETS Inc.
Norikazu Yamaguchi / CEO, EnterTech Evangelist, Studio ENTRE inc.
Yudai Suzuki/ Co-Founder, Fracton Ventures, Inc.

[Theme.2]  [Music Ally Japan in TIMM] FUTURE TRENDS presented by Music Ally Japan - Trends and Future of Next Music Business

From streaming and creator economy to metaverse and NFT, new technologies and business opportunities swarmed the industry since the COVID hits. These trends wield the influence on the way consumers discover, engage, and connect with music and the artists. In this session, Music Ally will introduce and highlight the latest trends that transform the industry standards in the next 5-10 years. Stuart Dredge of Music Ally’s Head of Insights and Jay Kogami of Music Ally Japan will deep dive into how the next wave of streaming, live music, video and other high-potential opportunities are revolutionising the ways we value music creators, fan community, and the success in the music industry.


Jay Kogami / Digital Music Journalist, Music Ally Japan

Stuart Dredge / Head of Insight, Music Ally

[Theme.3]  The second phase of music streaming business in Japan; the current position and future view for music streaming business in Japan.

Music streaming market in Japan, which is estimated to have reached about 15 million paid customers, reached 58.9 billion yen in 2020, accounting for 75% of the digital music market. However, it seems that the music streaming market in Japan is still sluggish compared to Europe and United States. Six years have passed since the music streaming service started in earnest, and now that the awareness of consumer and the lineup of recordings and contents have been enhanced. In this seminar, we will ask professionals from the music business in each field of the industry to talk about the current situation and issues from various levels and predict future trends.

Takeshi Kawamura / CEO, GKO LLC

Sanae Okazaki / Manager, Entertainment, GfK Japan
Tomoyuki Kitayama / Executive Vice President, Sony Music Marketing United Inc.
Akira Nomoto / General Manager, Merlin Japan K.K.

[Theme.4]  The current state of City Pop’s global boom and the future of music catalogues

In recent years, 1970s and 1980s Japanese City Pop has made an innovative global hit and given huge impact on music scene. The songs refreshed through the filters of young DJs and YouTubers from overseas have been spread all over the world via social media, then reached the top of hit charts.

In this seminar [Part.1], the key players of the global movement will discuss the current situation in overseas and the appeal of City Pop.

Also in [Part.2], after verifying the tendency of global hits with data of streaming service, opinions will be exchanged with label professionals on directions of the next developments and the possibilities of expansion of music catalogues to overseas.



MINO / Musician / Video Creator

Night Tempo / Korean Music Producer &DJ
Azzedine Fall / French Music Journalist & Independent A&R


Ryohei Matsunaga / Music Journalist

Kazunari Imai / Marketing Creative Div.
Executive Officer and Executive Director, PONYCANYON INC.
Noriko Ashizawa / Head of Content, Spotify Japan

[Theme 5]  "Updates in the Music Sync Business of Film / TV / Games / and Emerging Media, and How Best to Pitch Your Music"

In this panel, 3 seasoned Music supervisors and music executives - Season Kent, Gwen Riley, Anita Nedelijkovic will talk about how the game is changing with Music Placement in Hollywood films, Games, TV, and emerging media e.g Peloton, Vice Media – how best to pitch your music, possibility of Japanese music being synced, and further business opportunity for the music industry.

Hana Tabata / COO , UMAA Inc. /Executive Director, VIPO


Season Kent / Music Supervisor
Season Kent is an award-winning music supervisor who helps storytellers convey emotion to audiences through song. Whether it’s Billie Eilish & Khalid for 13 Reasons Why, Normani for Love Simon, Charli XCX for The Fault in Our Stars, or Doja Cat for Birds of Prey, Season’s impeccable taste has helped her soundtracks go platinum and earn Grammy nominations. Through her 15 years as a music supervisor on 50 film and television projects, she has contributed to a range of projects from the Academy Award-winning drama, The Fighter, to Fox’s critically acclaimed The Hate U Give, to the party-starting Magic Mike XXL. Season has leant her skills to a full range of comic book adaptations, including Marvel’s Luke Cage, DC’s The Flash and Shazam! and the ever-popular The Walking Dead franchise. Her recent credits include Netflix’s hit series Sweet Tooth and Sony’s forthcoming Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. Her work has been recognized twice by her peers at the Guild of Music Supervisor Awards earning trophies for The Fault in Our Stars and 13 Reasons Why.

Gwen Riley / SVP Music / Peloton Interactive Inc
Gwen Bethel Riley is the SVP of Music for Peloton Interactive. Peloton is the largest global interactive fitness platform with over 5.4M members. The Peloton experience combines amazing workout content with technology and community to bring studio-style workouts to life in the convenience and comfort of your home.  Music is an essential part of the Peloton ecosystem and brand and Riley has forged unique partnerships with Beyonce, The Beatles, Verzuz and more that surprise and delight the Peloton Membership.  Riley is known for her artist-centric approach to identifying opportunities for talent in new and emerging technology platforms.

For 20 years, she has sourced, produced, licensed and developed key music integrations for some of the entertainment industry’s most influential artists and studios - creating placement, distribution and promotional opportunities for artists in award-winning technology platforms, digital content, games, consumer products and feature films. Educated early in music, and later, entertainment / intellectual property law, her career has spanned music business affairs and development, creative direction and supervision and start-up music operations/production for emerging and industry-leading companies (Disney/Tapulous/Artisan Entertainment) in New York, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.  She has led music direction for Grammy Nominated Soundtracks and BAFTA nominated music games.  She loves her job and brings passion and enthusiasm to her work and her leadership strategy.

Anita Nedeljkovic / Director of Music, Branded / Music Supervisor at Vice Media Group LLC
Director of Music, Branded/Music Supervisor at Vice Media - selecting, producing, negotiating and contracting music for TV/Digital/Commercial/VR/Branded Content/Experiential being produced by Vice Media Group. Working with major brands including Mercedes Benz, Nike, Amazon, Jack Daniels, Louis Vuitton, Tik Tok, Canada Goose plus many more. 

* Content of each seminar is subject to change. Please check this website for latest information.

<TIMM Showcase Live>

Date : November 1 (Mon) , 2 (Tue) and 3 (Wed)/

The online live stream start time will be announced on the TIMM website shortly.

Venue : Non-audience online delivery from somewhere in Tokyo
Online Delivery sites : TIMM ONLINE (limited to TIMM ONLINE registered professionals) / YouTube (general audience viewing:

Performing Artists

November 1 (Mon)

Accusefive / Crispy Camera Club / dreamBoat / Ai Higuchi / Void_Chords feat. LIO

November 2 (Tue)

KIRAMEKI UNFORENT / Zwei / Tokino Sora / H△G / BiS

November 3 (Wed)
Announcement shortly

* Performers are subject to change.
* The performers on November 3 will be announced at a later date.
* Please check this website for the latest information.

18th Tokyo International Music Market(18thTIMM)/ TIMM ONLINE

Date:November 1 (Mon) - 3 (Wed), 2021
Contents:18th TIMM will be held at the TIMM ONLINE page in the TIMM official website

"TIMM ONLINE" provides an exhibitor page, a buyer list, a business negotiation function, a presentation video posting screen, etc., and offers opportunities for business negotiations and networking online. In addition, we will deliver business seminars, presentations, and live music performances, offering the same opportunities online as the physically attended events held in the past.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE)

Supporting organizations:
All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (ACPC)
Society for the Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home Recording (SARAH)
Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME)
Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ)
The Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ)
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC)
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