The 19th Tokyo International Music Market
【19th TIMM/HYBRID Event】 October 17 – 19, 2022



Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is an event that brings together professionals of the music industry from Japan and abroad with the common goal of taking Japanese music overseas. Last two year, considering the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the event was held in online platform called TIMMONLINE and at where, we offered the same menu as TIMM’s offline event such as business networking, business seminars and showcase live. 

This year, the 19th TIMM will be organized once again in fall, October 17 – 19 in hybrid format (Online/Offline) in view of the current situation where regulations due to COVID-19 are being easing around the world. 

For those planning to attend TIMM in person, we have prepared various contents including business matching/networking, business seminars at STREAM Hall and artist showcase in Shibuya. Online participants will be able to access to the most of contents from anywhere in the world via TIMMONLINE. 

Details of business seminars and showcase live will be announced on the TIMM official website as soon as the contents are finalized. 
In addition, depending on the situation of the COVID-19 infection in the future, the holding format, the contents, and the time schedule may change. These will be also informed you on the official site. 

DATE:      17 Monday – 19 Wednesday October, 2022
FORMAT: Hybrid (Online & Offline)
                     (3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo URL: 

CONTENTS:  Business matching /networking between domestic and international music exports
Business seminars and artist showcase
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)
Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE)
◆TIMM website : 

About Offline event in Shibuya
・ Business meetings / networking, business seminars, etc. will be held at Shibuya STREAM Hall. 
For business meetings, we will set up an individual booth exclusively for exhibitors, and you can freely hold business meetings and networking with visitors from domestic and overseas industries. 
Exhibitors will also be given a pass to enter the venue (the quantity will vary depending on the plan), and you can use that pass to attend seminars. Details of the exhibition plan, etc. will be announced at the exhibition information session scheduled to be held on July 15 and on the TIMM site on that day.
・ For those who do not have an admission pass for exhibitors and international buyers, you can attend the seminar as a "visitor", but in that case, you need to purchase a pre-registration one-day pass. Details will be announced on the TIMM site at a later date.
・ For media (press registration), it is necessary to pre-register and receive the media pass on the day. Details will be announced on the TIMM site at a later date.

About International Buyers
・ Approximately 200 international buyers from 26 countries / regions visited the 16th TIMM(2019), which was held last time in Tokyo.
Last year, 227 buyers from 36 countries and regions participated in TIMMONLINE.
・ For this year's invited buyers, we are working to strengthen the invitation not only to so-called buyers, but also to curators, influencers, playlisters, and other people in the industry who are influential in marketing and promotion.
・ Details on the participation of international buyers will be announced at a later date.

・ Exhibitors have their own (self) page in TIMMONLINE, and can engage in business negotiations and networking between related parties and promotion of  artists and their music. In addition, the artist / work page composed of English text can be used as a PR page for overseas users because it is an effective content that directly leads to the acquisition of general fans.
・ TIMMONLINE can be used after 3 days’ TIMM evets. Archived videos of seminars and showcase will be available until the end of June 2023, so please make use of TIMMONLINE to build relationships with international buyers. 
・ Business seminars, presentations, and showcase live viewing will be open to "visitors" and "press" registrants for people in the music industry other than exhibitors and international buyers. In addition, we plan to stream showcase live to all over the world including general audience for free. (Last year, we recorded access from 57 countries / regions)
・ If you are a "visitor" or "press" registrant of last year and wish to participate again this year, you will be able to apply for registration again and log in to your account last year. In addition, if you wish to register as a new visitor, you will be able to log in by acquiring a new account after completing the prescribed procedures such as confirming that you are a person involved in the music and entertainment industry. (Details will be announced at a later date)

About exhibition and showcase live entry reception
・ Details of the exhibition plan and application method will be announced at the exhibition information session on July 15th and the "TIMM site" on the same day.
・ The period for accepting entries for exhibitions and showcase live is as follows.
〇Exhibition at TIMM : Application acceptance period: July 15th (Friday) to September 2nd (Friday)
〇Entry to showcase live: Application acceptance period: July 15th (Friday) to August 12th (Friday)
 * The showcase live will be held at the live house in Shibuya for 3 days from October 17th (Monday) to 19th (Wednesday).
* Admission for general audience at the showcase live will be decided at a later date in consideration of the domestic situation of the new coronavirus.
Even if the showcase live becomes "no audience" live, international buyers will be asked to see the live performance at the venue.
* The live performance will be streamed on the day of the event, but please note that the recorded video will be archived on "TIMMONLINE". Only industry personnel registered in "TIMMONLINE" can view the archive.
* Please note that the live performers will be decided by selection.

Exhibition information session
For those who are considering exhibiting, we will hold an online session as follows.
Schedule: Friday, July 15, 2022 14:00 ~ 15:00 (TBC)
Venue: Online information session (ZOOM)
Application: If you would like to participate in the session, please contact the TIMM office ( with the following ① to ③ in the body of the email and by Wednesday, July 13th. TIMM office will inform you the details of the information session later.

① Name 
② Affiliation (company name / organization name, department name)
③ E-mail addresses and contact information (telephone numbers) of all participants

TIMM office