"TIMM Business Seminar in Summer Sonic 2022"
Additional line-up of business seminars announced



We are pleased to announce the additional lineup for "TIMM Business Seminar in Summer Sonic 2022," a special event of the Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) Business Seminar, held in conjunction with Summer Sonic 2022 and the "Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022" large-scale art exhibition to be held at Summer Sonic2022 Tokyo venue Makuhari Messe.
 This announcement follows the first one announced on August 2. Including the two seminars announced today, five seminars are scheduled for August 20-21.
 To attend the seminars at the venue, it is necessary to have an admission pass only for limited people who is music professionals and the others will be able to be viewed free on "TIMM ONLINE" and JMCE's official YouTube channel.
 How to be streamed for each seminar, as well as additional information on the event, will be announced several days later on the official TIMM website.

○Themes for this announcement (see the overview below for details)
[Theme 2] IMCJ's role in supporting global expansion of Japanese music as a member of WIN, a global network of independent music trade associations, and future prospects.
     [Theme 3] The future story of AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC

Outline of TIMM Business Seminars in Summer Sonic 2022

Date: August 20th (Sat) to 21st (Sun), 2022
Venue: Summer Sonic 2022 Tokyo Venue (Seminar special venue in Makuhari Messe)
Distribution: JMCE official YouTube channel ( and others
  *Each seminar can be viewed as an archive for one week after the live broadcast ends.
  *Archived videos will be available in "TIMM ONLINE" only to a limited people who is music professionals.
  *Please refer to the TIMM official site for how to watch.
TIMM Official Site:
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, TIMM Office
Seminar theme: *Titles omitted below

Theme 1: "Making of 'Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022'"

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 13:00-14:00

Summary;Artists participating in "Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022," an art exhibition to be held at Summer Sonic 2022, will introduce the process and story to create their works they will exhibit, and talk about their future activities and aspirations toward global expansion.

Speakers :
Kenta Cobayashi/ Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022 artist in Main Gate of ZOZO marine stadium
Mayumi Hosokura/ Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022 artist in Makuhari Messe
Teppei Kaneuji/ Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022 artist in front of the ZOZO marine stadium

Moderator :
Junya Yamamine/Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022 Curator

Theme 2: "IMCJ's role in supporting global expansion of Japanese music as a member of WIN, a global network of independent music trade associations, and future prospects"

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 15:00-16:00

Summary: IMCJ was built in 2017 as a member of WIN, a global network of independent music trade associations. Yushi Yamashita and Jack Oishi, our new co-Chairmen, newly elected last year, will focus on the environment related to the music business and passionately discuss the possibilities and prospects for global expansion for independent music labels, including the master recording business.

Speakers :
Yushi Yamashita / Chairman, Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)
Masahiro Oishi / Chairman, Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)
Izumi Yamaguchi / Director, Business Development, Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)

Moderator :
Naoto Kikuchi / Consultant, Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)

Theme 3: "The future story of AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC"

Date : Saturday, August 20, 2022 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Summary:AREA DIP, a project focusing on Asian urban culture, will hold "AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC. The performers and related parties, including JQ, vocalist of Nulbarich, who will participate as a curator, will report on the latest situation of the music market in Asia. In particular, they will discuss future prospects after the pandemic, the characteristics of the Japanese music market as seen from abroad, as well as the possibility of gaining overseas fans for Japanese music and alternate collaborations with artists from other countries.

Speakers :
Hitoshi Kurimoto / Music Writer
Takayuki Suzuki / President, Parade All Co.

Moderator :
Moena Neuhaus / J-WAVE Navigator

-What is AREA DIP?
”AREA DIP" is a project based on the concept of introducing artists who lead city culture in Asian countries to the world. ”AREA DIP" official YouTube channel will be the first to release a variety of cultural information, including original live videos and playlists. The first content is a 24/7 live streaming service of Asian city music, available on Spotify playlists and other music distribution services, and updated monthly with new tracks. From August, acoustic live videos (original live videos) of the artists themselves performing in their favorite cities and places will be added. In conjunction with the announcement of the launch of "AREA DIP", "AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC," one of the largest club events in Japan, will be held within "SUMMER SONIC 2022,"where the event will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba of Japan, curated by JQ, vocalist and producer of Nulbarich, on Saturday, August 20.

Theme 4: " Where the music cover jackets & artwork will go for future”

Date: August 21, 2022 (Sun.) 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Summary: The music cover jackets and artworks, such as record jackets, which appealed to the visual sense and communicated the appeal of music, is one element that has driven the market as much as music, in the course of the development of the music industry. Today, with the diversification of media, artwork is becoming increasingly important as a communication point with fans and as a means of presenting an artist's worldview. With the emergence of next generation technologies such as NFT, how will artwork/visual expression change in 2020 and beyond? What kind of visual expression of entertainment will emerge? We interviewed three professionals whose work is currently based on visuals, and asked them about their thoughts on the future.

Speakers :
Wataru Yoshida / Creative Production Division, Sony Music Solutions Inc.
Naomi Akatsu/DRC LLC Deputy General Manager,
Planning and Marketing Department, Universal Music Group FOR BRANDS
Yusuke Konan / Leader, Next Generation Business Promotion Department, RECOCHOKU Co.

Moderator :
Hirohisa Nakamura / President, 4TR Inc.

Theme 5: " Web3, NFT, and Metaverse invite further development and a brighter future for arts, culture, and entertainment"

Date; August 21, 2022 (Sun.) 14:00-15:00

Summary; Web 3, NFT, and Metaverse are expanding the possibilities of new culture and entertainment on a global scale and realizing a new way of being in society. The next generation of creators from Japan are expanding globally through this domain. We will hear from creators who are pursuing new position in art, character, fashion, and music from Japan about their current status and the potentials and challenges they see for the future.

Speakers :
Edo Lena/Metaverse Artists
MISOSHITA/Metaverse Architects
Nobuyuki Takeda/LITE,Fake Creators
mekezzo/BeyondConcept,Inc CEO

Moderator :
Takayuki Suzuki / CEO, Parade All K.K. CEO, Meta Tokyo K.K.

Other seminar themes will be announced at a later date.
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